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TOPIC atoz
The Men Talking Show 21
Ed Smith 20
Men Talking 20
Andy Houlihan 19
Fresh Air 14
The Men 13
Daniel Rathbone 10 10
Funny or Die Video Archive 6
indie 6
music 6
Fresh 5
916 4
Paul Heron 4
Sacramento 4
Season 4 4
podcast 4
rock 4
Beck 3
Book Discussion on The Men Who United the States 3
Bowie 3
Episode 2 3
Freshair 3
Series 2 3
Television Program 3
public radio 3
soul 3
the men 3
3D printers 2
3D printers and medical science 2
3D printers will change the world 2
80s 2
Am I good or do I suck? 2
And the men that complain can't handle their own thoughts 2
Angie Martinez stalker 2
Animal Collective 2
Artie Lange is hysterical on radio 2
Available technology and social interaction 2
Bad premise about the cat smoking weed 2
Banning clothing 2
Banning words and clothing while there are real problems in the world 2
Being naked in ones own home with the windows open 2
Bicycle with a motor 2
Black guys wearing sports clothing Vs. white guys wearing sports clothing 2
Boob painting girl gets in fight in times square 2
Boy charged with assault after kissing a girl 2
Brunner 2
Building myself up and bringing myself down 2
Buy stock in 3D printer companies 2
Buzzcocks 2
Can Mormons marry multiple people? 2
Can Rastafarians smoke weed? 2
Can native Americans use Peyote? 2
Cancer patient receives 3D printed rib cage 2
Cap_Radio 2
Cat steals weed 2
Chris Christie sucks 2
Chubby mom was going to give her daughter cocaine for her 18th birthday 2
Company claims the robots are to provide companionship 2
DJ suing Taylor Swift 2
Death 2
Devo 2
Do I have a type? 2
Does the baby? 2
Doesn't it matter if if those involved choose to do those things? 2
Donald Trump 2
Episode 4 2
Episode 5 2
Fall is upon us 2
Feet Sniffin story 2
Filthy foot fiend 2
Follow up to times square boobie story 2
Freshair radio 2
Fuck that Alabama town 2
Fuck you puke smell 2
Fuckbot bumper sticker idea 2
Fuckbots are what I'm calling them from now on 2
Fucking plants 2
Gangbang Rosie from the Jetson's 2
Get it? 2
Girl says she would kick him 2
Giving sex offenders these robots? 2
God doesn't even wear pants 2
Guided By Voices 2
Hasidic Jews odd circumcision practices 2
He may enjoy that 2
Head transplant 2
How do women feel about creepy guys doing creepy shit? 2
I ask again Has the show been good so far? 2
I don't get the amputee fetish 2
I don't get the foot fetish 2
I don't hate Donald Trump 2
I don't think I would have sex with a robot 2
I get annoyed when people don't use manner words 2
I have a headache 2
I have a text message 2
I love yoga pants 2
I prefer that you do have them though 2
I say pussy a lot again 2
I say stupid shit sometimes too 2
I sniffed my own feet a few shows ago 2
I'll keep an open mind 2
I'm a Rand Paul guy 2
I'm getting a new phone 2
I'm not a fan of fall 2
I'm not going to get sick of yoga pants 2
I'm on board if you don't have feet 2
If the robot looks like the Weird science girl or a traditional robot matters 2
If we are going to talk jerking off here 2
Insulting the ad on youtube 2
Intelligent stories 2
Is that assault? 2
Jovanotti 2
Judgement free zone 2
Judgment free zone 2
Justifying ones job 2
Keeping up with technology 2
Laws about what people are allowed to wear 2
Leave the topless women alone 2
Let's fuck them while we can 2
Lets fuck some robots 2
List everything so as not to offend 2
Making her asshole say hello 2
McGinty podcast 2
Me clearing my throat 2
Menahan 2
Miami-Dade is always wacky 2
Music 2
My son puked on my microphone and computer chair 2
New York dorly news 2
New bumper sticker 2
New era of positive living 2
New humans 2
Now he's wants to tell young people what is cool 2
Oakland 2
Pepper spray man 2
Perfect story for my show 2
Pink Floyd's the wall 2
Positive era Mike McGinty in the fall 2
Pretenders singer blames herself for her rape 2
Pretty white girl watches Isis beheading videos and then stabs her mother 2
Rejected kisses 2
Religious double standards 2
Religious kooks 2
Robot sex 2
Robots are going to take over the world 2
Rolex in pussy 2
Rolex in vagina story 2
Russian crutch 2
Russian insults stupid fucking Mike McGinty 2
S.A.D. 2
Saggy pants 2
Saggy pants is still a thing? 2
Saying "that's my faith" in a debate 2
She flashed because of a crying baby 2
Sickness will not penetrate this fortress because of my healthy lifestyle 2
Singing about what's going on outside 2
Smoky a cigarette 2
Something about a fight at Dairy Queen 2
Speaking Gibberish 2
Spoon 2
Star trek actress exposes herself to children 2
Star trek flasher 2
Taking some ibuprofen 2
Talking about my reflection 2
Talking about the Hasidic Jews odd circumcision practices 2
Talking about the banned clothing story 2
Talking about the feet sniffing fella 2
That wouldn't fly today 2
That's the kind of story I like 2
The Mohel sucks the blood off the baby penis 2
The dog in the videos name is the N word 2
The human body isn't going to lead to a societal breakdown you lunatics 2
The next evolution in self pleasure 2
The paper says she snatched the Rolex 2
The republican debate 2
The robot may help shy guys with confidence 2
The_Men 2
They also ban short skirts and short shorts 2
They are funny 2
This is amusing me and that's all that matters 2
This is my show and if you don't like it go away 2
This made more sense when Jesus was strutting around 2
This women is not my type 2
Times square less safe? 2
Times square over the years 2
Toots 2
Unleashing the evil through orgasm 2
Virtual reality 2
War 2
We are not Islamic extremists 2
We don't want to be like the Islamic world 2
We know better now 2
What I find attractive racially 2
What am I talking about? 2
What causes a foot fetish? 2
What is my type? 2
up-solid down-solid